How To Sell Ethereum For USD

Planning to sell your Ether, then this is the perfect guide on how to sell Ethereum for USD cash. Through the crypto world, many online exchanges are offering the services to exchange your crypto for cash. If you want to sell Ethereum, then Ethereumtopaypal is one of the plinths among many others. You can sell Ethereum through PayPal, but the question is where to sell Ethereum for PayPal. Well, you can use the services of PayPal and can sell your Ethereum to PayPal.

where and how to sell ethereum for usd

PayPal has remained on the frontline of the revolution in digital payment methods. It is one of the most widely used money exchange platforms. In modern times many companies and enterprises are coming forward to take the lead of technology embedded platforms for their businesses. PayPal aims to boost the effectiveness of cryptocurrencies in digital commerce. It is now offering new features to the users where they can use their PayPal accounts to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. This was announced back in October 2020. In the first half of 2021, PayPal plans to enable its users to trade or exchange products using cryptocurrencies.

This feature allows the users to convert their required cryptocurrency balance (with the certainty of value and no additional charges) to fiat currency. You can instantly sell Ethereum for USD using PayPal digital wallet according to the current PayPal rates.

How To Sell Ethereum From Wallet

guide for how to sell ethereum from wallet

If you are looking for how to sell Ethereum for USD, you need to use your wallet. Digital wallets are used to store your digital currency in electronic wallets. Right now, Ledger Nano S is the best Ethereum wallet for 2021. Below we have provided information about some most popular Ethereum wallets. These wallets are either based on desktop or on websites. The website-based wallet has an advantage over the desktop with respect to its utility and availability. A desktop wallet limits the user to their computer’s desktop whereas application-based or web-based wallets are easy to access and thereby help you keep more updated about the current market scenarios and trends.

Coinbase wallet

No doubt Coinbase is one of the best platforms for buying or selling cryptocurrencies. You can use the Coinbase application to get the best guide on how to sell Ethereum for USD.
Coinbase allows the user to sell directly in their Coinbase fiat wallet. You can sell any amount to your wallet you want. After selling your coins, you have two options either you can withdraw funds to your bank account, or you can buy other cryptocurrencies.
To sell Ethereum:

  • - Select the Trade button.

  • - Choose Sell.

  • - Select Ethereum as an option. 

  • - Then select your fiat wallet and click Withdraw.
  • - Remember funds will transfer into your bank account after a short-term holding period. 


When you are thinking about selling Ethereum coin, you probably are looking for an exchange that does not charge you any fee for sending or receiving, or withdrawing the fiat funds against crypto. The good news is that Exodus is that platform that does not keep any of the transaction fees.  

A very popular wallet in cryptocurrency wallet is exodus wallet. It has been developed by Exodus developers, with diverse features. Exodus is an example of desktop wallets which means that the key to your coins is stored on your hardware. 

The key feature of this wallet is that it allows you to store more than one type of coin. The striking feature of the Exodus wallet is that the portfolio is easy to understand. Also, Exodus has integrated with ShapeShift (the most popular cryptocurrency conversion platform, allowing hassle-free and quick conversions) to allow the users to trade coins right away within the wallet.


  • - MyEtherWallet is a client-side interface specialized in the blockchain.  
  • - MyEtherWallet is an example of Ethereum Web Wallets and extends support for all major hardware wallets like Ledger, Trezor, and many more.
  • - A Web Wallet is a wallet that works as an account on a website allowing you to access your account from anywhere and anytime. It is one of the most popular Ethereum Web
  • - Wallets allowing the users to swap and trade from crypto to fiat and vice versa. 

When To Sell Ethereum For Cash

when to sell ethereum for high price cash

Why and when to sell Ethereum is a big decision. If you are noticing some unlikely changes to the prices, or the expectations you had are dwindling based on the volatility of digital currencies, then wait do not go for selling your Ethereum tokens desperately. You need to be very wise when it comes to selling your cryptocurrency. if you just look for the market value and daily stock rates then dealing in cryptocurrency might just happen to be a nightmare for you. Once you have invested your money in the digital currency platform be patient with the changing rates until or unless you have achieved your set target or have arrived at that point where you always wanted to pull out your money. 

If you ever wish to buy Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency in the future, then it is not advisable to sell your coins at low rates and again buy them at high rates. YOU MUST be a Good observer and researcher to search out the best possible results for your investment. After all the whole responsibility of investing is on your own. You choose your digital platform and your currency too. Thus, taking an abrupt decision might leave you with regrets and losses. 
You can sell Ethereum for USD using Coinbase, Gemini, and Kraken. Kraken and Gemini are the cheapest platforms to sell Ethereum as they charge a very small fee. Gemini offers thirty free withdrawals of ETH/USD within a month. 

The selling price of Ethereum depends on various factors like the current market rates, market volatility, and transactions. Currently, the selling price of one Ethereum is $1196.25.
You can change your Ethereum to cash when you have the information about how to sell Ethereum for USD. Before you sell your Ethereum you can use the live charts and calculators from where you can get insights about the current crypto rates, market trends, and future perspectives for different coins. 

Go to your Wallet app. Choose the sell option. Select the desired exchange i.e., ETH/USD. Fill in the required details about your bank account and submit your application. Your request might take some time to process depending on the type of exchange platform or method. If you are using a wire transfer it might take a little longer for your request to be processed. But once processed you can get your funds in your bank account.

If you are not so sure about your crypto exchange you can primarily start from a low value. You can select as minimum or maximum amount of your Ethereum tokens to exchange for USD. You can initially start by selling .5 Eth to USD.