How To Buy Ethereum

In the growing realm of digital currency, one of the most promising technologies in the market is Ethereum. Since 2015, Ethereum has grown by over 45,836%.
Whether you know a bit about the topic or are a newbie this topic will explain and give you a good understanding of how to buy Ethereum against USD. If you want to invest in ether, this article will help you to find out the ways that how can you purchase Ethereum to the dollar today.

how to buy ethereum instant fast and securely

Ether and Ethereum are the terms used interchangeably. The dollar is a global currency that allows the freedom of trade. It is important to note that Ethereum is much more than a digital currency.

Why Buy Ethereum?

important things about why buy ethereum crypto currency

There is no denying the fact that Ethereum is a powerful technology with the capability to advance not only corporations but also the worldwide currency system. Financial institutions are incorporating Ethereum into their system. Bank of America is the first institution that has premiered an application with the cooperation of Microsoft to help customers secure their transactions.

History of Ethereum

Ethereum was introduced in 2015. It is also known as blockchain 2.0. It is based on technology which is more compatible than bitcoin. The procedure on which Ethereum works is different and fast-paced as compared to Bitcoin. It has the potential to solve problems accurately. The striking speed and capability of Ethereum ha gained the interests and attention of multiple companies.

Popularity of Ethereum

Ethereum offers many advantages over other cryptocurrencies. It is regarded as the fastest growing cryptocurrency and you can also buy ethereum with cash. It utilizes the technology of smart contracts (a contract in the code that controls action) due to which it is interpreted as a lot more to digital money. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is the long-term project of Ethereum which involves around 200 members. Companies like Microsoft, Intel, BP, Thomson Reuters have collaborated with Ethereum Network Technology. No doubt, Ethereum holds the potential to shift the approach of how businesses work.

Future of Ethereum

Back in 2017, the Ethereum currency grew by 13,000 per cent. The tremendous growth of Ethereum has left others in speculation about the future potential of Ethereum. Different websites offer future predictions and forecasts about Ethereum prices, which helps to get an insight into Ethereum current market. Similarly, the live calculator options on different web servers allow you to get to know about Ethereum market capitalization by knowing or reading today the ethereum price prediction chart.
Where can you buy Ethereum?
There are numerous ways which you can use to buy Ethereum. You can either buy them online or exchange them in hand with the person. However, many find it convenient to buy through either eToro, Coinmama, or Coinbase.


The world’s leading social trading platform is eToro. The cybersecurity standards make eToro the best place to buy Ethereum. The interface at eToro is simple and user friendly (even a beginner can easily use it). eToro offers nonstop trading, with no hidden charges. The demo trading account allows users to learn and practice how to trade their cryptocurrencies. Here are five simple steps to set up your account on eToro.
Find the Ethereum exchange of your interest
Sign up for an eToro account
Provide a valid proof of identity for account verification
Deposit fiat funds (government-issued currency like USD, euro, etc.) into your account before buying Ethereum.
After you have deposited the funds, you are there to start your purchase.


The cheapest place to buy Ethereum is Coinbase. They charge you a small fee depending on your payment method.
Currently, the most powerful exchange for digital currency is Coinbase. It is a secure platform based in the USA. Secure storage, insurance, and utilization of best practices make Coinbase the safest platform. This service allows you to buy and sell crypto in one place. You can also manage your investments by scheduling them on a weekly or monthly basis. Data and services on this platform are secured with encryption, thus permitting you the comfort of trading without any worry.
Start off your trade journey by setting up an account on Coinbase. Link your bank account and you are on the go to buy or sell your cryptocurrency.


The network of Coinmama is extended across 188 countries. The simplest financial service is been in the industry since 2013. They have introduced a simple system for buying and selling cryptocurrency. Whatever your choice of crypto may be, it provides you with all the necessary information from buying to selling and the current rates on their website. You can also link your account with your wallet to safely transfer and to store your digital currency. It allows you to exchange your crypto for fiat currency. The transactions are safe and secured with account and wallet verification. Once verified you can trade immediately.

Where to store Ethereum?

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Now that you have the idea about how to buy Ethereum, the next question is where to store ethereum digital currency. Like a physical wallet, cryptocurrency can also be stored in a wallet-a digital wallet. It can be either hardware-based or based on the web. Several options for wallets are available but you need to choose wisely the best option for you.
Financial freedom comes with responsibility, that is you need to take care of your funds on your own. This means, that to look for the best option and secure your currency via bookmarking web pages, or by printing your wallet address and key on paper.

Trust wallet

The best Ethereum wallet to store crypto offline is a Trust Wallet.
Trust Wallet is based on DApp browsers which are fully functional for decentralized apps. This wallet is provided with features that only the user can access their wallet, the app does not collect personal information. Using the Trust wallet app allows you to access multiple features in just one window be it is buying or exchange, tracking prices or earning interest on your wallet.

Start buying Ethereum

how to start buying ethereum digital currency online

Now that you have learned about how to buy Ethereum, you can easily decide which platform will you choose to buy your crypto. First, you need to define your payment method, either you will utilize your card, bank account, or other cryptocurrencies to exchange for Ethereum. After that, you need to search for the best trusted and reputed exchange platform like Bitcoinsxchanger, Coinbase, Coinmama, or eToro for trading Ethereum. Create your account, deposit money and you are ready to trade for Ethereum.
Before buying Ethereum, make sure to track the current market trends, mainly the day-to-day rates which can help you to decide on the best time to buy Ethereum. With the increasing popularity and technological advancements, it is believed that Ethereum will soon reach a value of $1000, and in turn lead other crypto currencies.
Ethereum is an excellent investment because of its long-term growth estimation.