Ethereum To Rand Conversion Platform

The cryptocurrency world is boundaryless and timeless. You can trade and invest in crypto market simply from anywhere in the world and at any time. Whether in Asia or Europe or America, cryptocurrencies are equally popular across the globe. If you live in South Africa and want to be a part of the digital assets world then get ready for investing in Ether. So, what are you waiting for? Convert Ethereum to rand now.

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The token of Eth cryptocurrency is not Ethereum. Its token is Ether. It can be traded like other cryptocurrencies. Based on blockchain technology, Ethereum is second to Bitcoin in the crypto world. As to bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum does not have a limited supply. Ether was not designed to serve as a store of value or as a transactional currency. Despite this fact, it has been used by many investors as a trading currency. Ether has been developed with the aim to power and support application and services which utilize Ethereum as their backbone.
You can start the investments with as little as 1 Ethereum to ZAR.

How To Convert ETH To Rand

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An online calculator for Ethereum to rand is required when you want to convert your crypto currency into fiat funds. Reasoning on why an online calculator is required. It is so that to know the actual price you will receive on converting Ethereum to a local currency, an online converter, and calculator both are required.
As for buying Ethereum, an online exchange is required. Converting Ethereum to rand also requires an online exchange. Online exchanges allow you to buy, sell or trade any cryptocurrency. some exchanges require you to buy a cryptocurrency then allow you to exchange it for Ethereum. You can use your fiat funds or cryptocurrency you already hold to buy Ethereum. Similarly, you can also sell Ethereum when you need to. There is no limitation to buying or selling cryptocurrency. you can simply trade at your comfort.
If you are based in South Africa, you can use any of the following exchange platforms for trading Ethereum.


This company was founded in 2017. Coindirect enables the users to buy cryptocurrencies using local currencies. The users can use a bank account, credit card, PayPal, and mobile money for buying Eth coins. To start off your trading create an account first followed by depositing fiat funds into your account. The mobile app for Coindirect is available for android and iOS mobile users making it feasible for consumers to use. The service of Coindirect is available in other African countries as well. It offers an ETH to ZAR calculator with no hidden charges on electronic funds transfer transactions.


One of the leading online exchanges to buy Ethereum in South Africa is Luno. Using this platform, you can instantaneously buy Ethereum or place an order for buying Ethereum at your desired place. The exchange free electronic funds transfer transactions. You can use EFT to deposit funds on Luno. It also accepts the funds transfer from south African banks like Nedbank and Absa.


OVEX allows investors to buy Ethereum either instantly or through a buy order. It is a South African based company established in 2017. The crypto calculator allows you to calculate Ethereum price in rand.

With a growing number of crypto exchanges recognizing rand deposits, buying Ethereum in South Africa is becoming progressively more expedient. 

How To Store Your Ethereum?

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You can store your Ethereum onto a digital or an eWallet. Based on the functions and usage wallets are of different types. Generally, they could be web-based or hardware baser wallets. You can download and install an Ethereum wallet on your phone. A wallet works to keep your digital assets safe and stored in a place. You can access your wallet and manage your digital coins at your convenience. You can select the best wallet for storing Ethereum based on your requirements. Here we present an overview of some information on wallets.


Freewallet is a multi-currency wallet for storing crypto coins. It supports 100+ crypto coins and is available on both android and iOS. It holds the coins in cold storage. You have the access to instant and zero-fee transactions. You can asl purchase cryptocurrencies by using your credit card. It has limited the transactions and purchases from days to weeks to protect the valuable customers from theft. It also holds a built-in exchange for more than a hundred cryptocurrencies.
Ethereum White Paper Wallet
A printed piece of paper that contains keys and QR codes used to enable cryptocurrency transactions I known as a paper wallet. It is an offline method of storing your keys for the Ethereum wallet. Previously it was considered as a secure method to store Ethereum. However, to most investors, the misuse or damage to wallet pose serious threats as to the potential security benefits.

Best Ethereum Wallet In South Africa

what is best storing ethereum wallet south africa

Various wallets for storing crypto are available on the internet. You can download and set up these wallets in accordance with your convenience and requirements.
MyEtherWallet, Exodus, and Ledger Nano X are some of the best Ethereum wallets.


MyEtherWallet is the best wallet for storing Ethereum. It can be accessed using a web browser and other software. Follow these simple steps to set up your Ethereum wallet.

  • - Go to the MEW website.

  • - Click on create new wallet option.

  • - Click on the mnemonic phrase tab which shows you the 12 seed phrase words for your wallet. Write them and keep them safe.

  • - Next click on the button which specifies that you have written your mnemonic phrase. Click verify button after verifying and entering the missing words.

  • - Now click on unlock wallet option.

  • - You will be presented with an option on how to access the wallet. Select software as your option.

  • - Click continue after entering the 12 word seed phrase as recorded in step 3.

  • - A list of wallet addresses will be presented to you. Select any one or you. If you are unsure about this, you can select the top one.

  • - Tick the terms and conditions box. After that click accesses my wallet option.

You have created an Ethereum address and set up your wallet now. You can use it for trading for Ethereum using an online exchange. The address for your wallet will appear on the top left page of your wallet. Use this address to trade for Ethereum using online exchanges.
In short, you can use south African based crypto exchanges or global exchanges for trading Ethereum. The crypto world has immense potential for various applications. Ethereum offers smart contracts and other benefits which make it suitable for companies to adopt it. Various Fortune 500 companies have already adopted the Ethereum blockchain technology. In the future, we will observe more companies and enterprises incorporating Ethereum in their system. So, start off your crypto world experience by taking the first step of trading Ethereum to rand.