Best Platform To Buy Ethereum Classic

During the first half of 2016, Ethereum split into two versions: Ethereum Classic ETC and Ethereum ETH. After the split, Ethereum was the new token while the old token renamed to Ethereum Classic. Ethereum Classic is an open-source computing platform based on blockchain. The ticker symbol for Ethereum is ETC. You can buy Ethereum Classic using the same basic information as for Ethereum.
This piece will give you the best information about how to get started with trading Ether Classic.

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Key attributes of Ethereum Classic:

Some of the key attributes of Ethereum Classic are listed below:

  • - ETC network comprises developers, miners, businesses, and end-users.

  • - The native token of Ethereum Classic is Ether.

  • - ETC offers a consent free way to manage your digital assets.

  • - No third parties are involved i.e., Intermediates like banks and other institutes are not required.

  • - Ethereum Classic enables the unconsumable deployment and execution of smart contracts.

  • - ETC empowers genuinely unstoppable programmable money.

  • - The utilization of decentralized application software allows for safer and secure transactions.

  • - More transactions can be processed at a faster rate.

Difference Between Ethereum And Ethereum Classic

Ethereum and Eth Classic are referred to as ‘sister-cryptocurrencies’
Although Ethereum Classic is very similar to Ethereum coin, however, the differences between the two exist.

  • - ETC is dedicated to the immutability of the Ether blockchain.

  • - ETC is invulnerable to future splits or divisions, which makes it less volatile.

  • - ETC generated a net supply of 210 million coins, which raised a scarcity element in the network thus reducing block rewards by 20% every 5 million blocks. Comparatively, ETH generates new Ether coins at consistent rates.

Should I Buy Ethereum Classic?

should i buy ethereum classic for better profit

The market cap of Ethereum is $700 million. The answer to this question ‘should I buy Ethereum Classic?’ is often yes. Since it is one of the most popular and renowned cryptocurrencies in the world.
With time the blockchain technology and execution of smart contracts are gaining popularity which makes Ethereum Classic one of the best possible options for future investment.

How To Buy Ethereum Classic?

Prior to planning for trading Ethereum Classic let’s probe deeper into the details for your question about where can I buy Ethereum classic.
Step 1: Get ETC Wallet
An electronic wallet is a wallet used to store your digital coins. There are various options available for storing Ethereum Classic.

  • - ETC Hardware wallets- Ledger Nano S, Nano X, and TREZOR can be used to store Ethereum. TREZOR has been regarded as the best Ethereum Classic wallet.

  • - ETC Software wallets- mobile app: coinomi, desktop based: Exodus, Emerald Wallet: a full-fledged Ethereum wallet.

Step 2: Get an Ethereum Classic exchange
Search for an online exchange that you can use to buy Ethereum Classic with USD. There is a list of some best exchange platforms.


eToro offers different options for payment. eToro offers a convenient way of buying or selling Ethereum classic using fiat currency (i.e., Dollars).


Currently, Coinbase is operating in 103 countries. Coinbase provides the cheapest way to buy Ethereum. Coinbase has a more advanced trading platform known as Coinbase Pro. It has lower fees. So, you can buy ETC at much cheaper rates.


Binance allows trade for a variety of cryptocurrencies. It allows you to exchange ETC for BTC, ETH, and BNB.


It was founded in 2012. Bitfinex enables the users to buy and sell Ethereum Classic for fiat currencies like USD. Through Bitfinex you can exchange Ethereum Classic to USD.


Kraken is possibly one of the oldest operating exchanges around (apart from Bitstamp). Kraken permits you to buy and sell ETC for USD.

According to crypto market analysts, Coinbase and Binance are regarded as the best site to buy Ethereum Classic.
You can use any of the above-mentioned exchanges for trading Ethereum Classic. Simply start by signing up for an account. Deposit your funds by selecting the payment method of your choice. Trade for Ethereum classic.
Price tracking tools which show the real-time price of Ethereum Classic can be used to find the current price of Ethereum Classic. All the above-mentioned sites are provided with a live calculator which shows the actual price of Ethereum classic against USD. This way it will become simpler for you to decide how much to spend on purchasing Eth Classic.
Before choosing an online exchange always hold on to some key considerations:

  • - Safety

  • - Customer service

  • - Transaction fee

  • - Payment methods

Step 3: Pull Out your Ethereum Classic into your wallet

It is always desirable to store your Ethereum in your wallet. To take responsibility for your coins is the best practice for dealing with cryptocurrency.
When you finish buying Ethereum Classic, get them out of the exchange and store them into your Ethereum Classic wallet. Depending on the exchange site there might be some withdrawal fees which might be high or low sometimes. But it is safe and secure to store your Ethereum classic in your wallet. Moreover, storing your Eth Classic wallet account lets you trade more easily and conveniently compared to if you place your digital coin on the web.
You can use a mobile application for an ETC wallet. This will allow you to trade at your ease, with reminders for recurrent buying and several other options thus making trading even more accessible for you.
The live chart shows the Ethereum Classic value at $7.83 with a market cap of $978.33M.

Best Way To Buy Ethereum Classic ETC

what is best way to buy ethereum classic

There are several ways for buying ETC. It depends on the trader how and which method he wants to use for purchasing Ether classic. For some users buying ETC via a credit or debit card is the best way. Since it avoids the hassle of verifications and you can promptly use them to buy Ether Classic.
Price prediction for Ethereum Classic:
Based on the previous trading history, current market value, developments, and advancements to the technology-laden behind the cryptocurrency, analysts can predict the future value for digital coins. Will Ethereum Classic go up? This is the question most of the Ethereum enthusiasts have in their minds before trading for Ethereum. For 2021, an increase in the price and market value of Ethereum Classic has been predicted.
ETC is very dynamic and vulnerable to major developments in the cryptocurrency market. The development team is working on improvements and updates. With this approach, a positive change and rise in ETC are predicted.
The improvements in Ethereum Classic core projects equipped with tools for decentralized application development and blockchain services will have a positive impact on the stability and future of Ethereum Classic.
To summarize, the following information can help users to choose the best and most appropriate method of trading for them. No doubt the crypto market is volatile, but a wise decision can provide the users with a different approach for future investment.