Best Ethereum Wallet For Android & iOS

Have you just traded for Ethereum, but don’t know how and where to store your digital coins? Are you confused about which wallet to choose? Just don’t worry this guide will give you the superlative information on the best Ethereum wallet

Out in the crypto market, hundreds and thousands of eWallets are available. The features include high security and affordability to reputable and customer-oriented services. 

install best ethereum wallet in smartphones for free

A wallet gives the users access to their cryptocurrency. It allows the users to manage their Ethereum account to facilitate transactions and more. Just like a bank account allows consumers to store their fiat funds, an eWallet is used to store your digital coins. 
Managing your Ethereum requires a wallet to conveniently buy or sell your Ethereum. 

A wallet can be one of the following types:

  • - Physical Hardware wallet-to manages your Ethereum offline. 

  • - Mobile Applications-allow access to your funds from anywhere.

  • - Desktop-based wallet-manage your funds using Windows, LINUX, or macOS. 

  • - Web wallet-allow access to your funds via a web browser. 

What To Look For In Ethereum Wallet?

  • - Ponder on the following points before choosing for your Ethereum wallet: 

  • - Type of storage you require.

  • - Frequency of transactions.

  • - The platform of your choice (web-based, desktop, hardware, mobile).

Choose the best Ethereum wallet for storing your digital coins. Always keep in mind that your private keys are the most important to be secured. If you lose the information about your passwords and keys, you can lose your digital assets. Therefore, it is mandatory to opt for secure options so that you could avoid potential frauds and scams.

Similarly based on the mobile users’ different applications for android and iOS users are provided. 
If you are an iOS user then the top picks for you to store Ethereum can be any one of the following 

  • - BRD

  • - Trust wallet

  • - JAXX Liberty Wallet

Android users can choose their wallet from the following android Ethereum wallet
best picks:

  • - TrustWallet- is the best Ethereum wallet android.

  • - BRD wallet

Ledger Nano S

how to use ledger nano s wallet online

Ledger Nano S is the best hardware wallet for Ethereum. It is a hardware wallet for Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. 
It has integrated with MyEtherWallet, thus making it easier to store, send or receive ether. It is one of the most popular ways to use Ethereum. 
Download the Ledger Nano S wallet from the website and store your cryptocurrencies.

How To Use Ledger Nano S?

Ledger Nano S wallet has the ability to manage your private keys securely. It is one of the best Ethereum wallets. Once you get your Ledger Nano S, you are required to install it.

  • - You can set up your Ledger wallet by using one of the ways mentioned below:

  • - If you already have a wallet, enter the backup phrase to restore and set up your wallet.

  • - Create your new wallet with the backup phrase.

  • - Next, you need to connect your device with the system i.e., PC or laptop.

  • - Enter the pin and recovery phrase to configure your device.

  • - Configure your recovery phrase. Once confirmed you are ready to use the wallet.

  • - Download Ledger app manager.

  • - Before using and installing Ledger install the respective application for Ethereum.

After you have installed the application you will be required to start and initialize the application. A number of changes and settings in accordance with the type of cryptocurrency are required before trading Ethereum using Ledger Nano S.


myetherwallet one of the best wallet for android

It is a well-known web-based wallet.
It is the best Ethereum paper wallet app for iOS. A paper wallet is a physical piece of paper used to record your public and private keys. It is one of the best practices to keep your Ethereum safe while keeping the private keys offline.

How To Set Up MyEtherWallet

  • Step 1: Setup your MyEtherWallet by creating a password and downloading the Keystore file.

  • Step 2: Save your private key.

  • Step 3: Take a printout of your paper wallet.

How Does MyEtherWallet Work?

You can use MyEtherWallet to buy Ethereum. Either provide your private address or scan the QR code to receive Ethereum.
You can also use the MyEtherWallet application to send Ethereum to other wallets. Start sending Ethereum by following these steps:

  • - Either enter a private key or upload a Keystore file.

  • - Enter your password. Wait for authentication.

  • - Write down the public address of the receiver’s wallet.

  • - Next, add the number of Ethereum and the amount you want to send.

  • - Press ‘Generate Transaction’ to process your request.


safest wallet for storing ethereum currency install exodus

Exodus is one of the easiest and best Ethereum wallet. It is easy to use. It is a software-based wallet equipped with several built-in features. Using Exodus lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

How Safe Is The Exodus Wallet?

It is one of the most convenient options among online wallets for everyday use. The striking feature of Exodus is that you can access your wallet with a backup utility. Even if you lose the system on which you stored your Ethereum, a backup option is here to help you out.
An additional feature unique to Exodus is the multi-signature feature which enables the two steps authentication thus providing an additional layer of security. Compared to web wallets Exodus is better at providing security to the customer’s information. These features make Exodus a safe wallet for android users.

How To Use Exodus Wallet?

You can learn how to use exodus wallet by following this step-by-step summary.

  • - Download ‘Exodus’ the Ethereum wallet app from the website.

  • - Follow the online screen triggers to install.

  • - Once installed, open the application click on the wallet and select the cryptocurrency you want to add to your wallet.

  • - An address and QR code will show up on the screen. This is used for sending crypto to other networks.

In this way, your exodus will be installed.
You can use your exodus for sending, receiving, and trading the cryptocurrencies.

How To Cash Out From Exodus Wallet?

You can cash out from exodus by following the given steps:

  • - Choose to Send from the tab.

  • - Enter the amount.

  • - Put in the address of the receiver’s wallet.

  • - Wait until the transaction is confirmed and completed.

How To Use Keepkey Wallet App?

easiest way to download keepkey wallet app android

You can use the Keepkey platform for buying, selling, sending, receiving, tracking, and trading for cryptocurrencies.
Follow the given steps to complete your requests.

  • - First, you need to go to shapeshift platform.

  • - Afterward, pair your Keepkey.

  • - Next, you need to upgrade your device.

  • - Then you need to click the ‘Initialize Keepkey’ button to begin.

In this way, you can set up your Keepkey wallet app. Now you can use the application to send, receive, buy, and trade for Ethereum. You can view the assets on the digital platform to get the details about the changes your profile has gone through, your balance, and the prices of crypto coins.

In short, you can use the above-mentioned information to sort out the best Ethereum wallet for storing cryptocurrencies. You can secure your Ethereum by placing it in either android based, or iOS based operating systems. Simply choose the wallet of your choice and start investing in your comfort.